Infants & Toddlers

A program created for children aged 0 to 3 years.

Naturally ready to learn, every experience is a learning opportunity for infants & toddlers, whether playing with a new toy, exploring a new environment or human interaction.

Our specialized educators are here to guide your infants and toddlers through their first experience away from home. The most important thing we can do is provide an environment where their natural desire to learn can thrive. These first few years of early childhood are so important to the human experience and our goal is to work alongside parents to ensure these years are filled with love and support.

What this program offers

We believe that each child needs to develop at their own pace in a stimulating, secure, and loving environment. Our educators observe each child and respond to their unique needs. We help them grow by encouraging their interests, as well as their cognitive, social, and physical abilities.

Age ranges

Infants: 0 to 12 months
Toddlers: 12 months to 3 years

Other information

  • Pick up and drop off times are flexible based on your schedule.
  • A nutritious lunch and two snacks are served as part of our Infants & Toddlers program.
  • We offer a gradual entry plan that allows you and your child to become familiar with the Infants & Toddlers environment.
  • Our educators are here to help and support your family. Our door is always open for parents to ask questions at pick-up and drop-off times or meet one-on-one to discuss their child’s needs.