Full Day Preschool

A program created for children aged 3 to 5 years.

Our full day preschool program offers a continuation of our Infants & Toddlers program with a greater focus on learning the skills to be independent and school ready.

The preschool classroom provides a safe and fun environment where young minds can flourish. Our program is designed to help children learn about themselves, gain emotional maturity and develop confidence in their abilities. Young minds learn best through play, socialization and exploration and so we strive to offer an environment which encourages your child’s natural curiosity.

What this program offers

Our pre-school educators are equipped with all the tools necessary for your child to reach their fullest potential. Our program is designed to be fun and inspiring, gently introducing your child to a school-like setting. Through a well-planned curriculum, our goal is to provide a variety of learning experiences in all areas of development.

Age ranges

3 to 5 years

Other information

  • Pick up and drop off times are flexible based on your schedule.
  • A nutritious lunch and two snacks are part of our full day preschool program.
  • The preschool program overlaps the Infants & Toddlers program and children enrolled in the Infants & Toddlers program begin a gradual entry to the full day preschool program when their physical and cognitive development is ready for the next stage.
  • For children joining us at the preschool age, we offer a gradual entry program for children and parents to become familiar with our centre.
  • Our educators are here to help and support your family. Our door is always open for parents to ask questions at pick-up and drop-off times or meet one-on-one to discuss their child’s needs.