Why Choose Us?

Find out how we can make all the difference.

Each and every child’s individuality is nurtured and encouraged through our tailor made programs, designed to let your child reach his or her optimum potential.

Our history

Our journey began in 2004 with the opening of Bluebird Group Daycare Centre operating in a North Vancouver home. Bluebird was founded to meet the local needs of the community and has constantly worked to provide quality childcare that is also affordable and convenient to as many families as possible.

For fifteen years, Bluebird offered childcare to families on the North Shore. During that time, hundreds of children came through the doors to find themselves in a safe place to learn, explore and grow.

Our future

After fifteen years in our home based centre, we felt the need to evolve.

Going back to our roots of wanting to meet the needs of our local community, we saw that there was a need to expand our model and offer services that were not possible in our home based centre.

KinderBees puts everything we’ve learnt about childcare into practice in a bright new space where we can welcome more children, more families, more educators and have more of an impact in our community.

At KinderBees, we strive to create the same cozy home-like environment that parents and children loved about Bluebird while also being able to benefit from a larger space designed to meet the specific needs of young children down to every little detail.

Our difference

With so many options for childcare available, we strive to be exactly what you’re searching for. Our programs offer a curriculum that is focused on all aspects of your child’s development and equips them with the tools necessary to be lifelong learners.

KinderBees is a community. People are at the core of our business and everything we do. We are committed to the wellbeing of our families and our educators.

We stand for childcare that puts people first, the little people we care for, the people we work with and the people in our community.