We could have never imagined that by the time our Re-Zoning application was approved, we’d be in the midst of a global pandemic and navigating a totally new normal.

While we were in shock, just like everyone else, we also saw this as an opportunity to ensure our centre could be designed as optimally as possible to operate through the pandemic and whatever else may follow. We took a hard look at our plans and made modifications wherever we could to the physical design of the centre and made plans for the operation of the programs.

Our COVID-19 Plan

  • Each level of the centre has a separate entrance from the outside so there is minimal contact between classrooms
  • We reconfigured our outdoor play space to maximize all the space we have available and added an extra playground so we can have children outside for longer and have less cross-over between classes in the playground
  • We have covered & heated outdoor areas which will be used as outdoor classrooms and can be used year round to let us spend even more time outside
  • We’re planning for pre-booked, small group tours. While we’d love to have a grand opening event, we’re expecting that this will not be possible and are planning for small tours and setting up a scheduling program to make it easy for parents on the waitlist to book when the time comes.
  • Once open, we’re planning for outdoor pick-up and drop-off routines, hand washing for children and staff upon arrival, extra cleaning procedures and regular sanitation of high touch surfaces.
  • Check in / check out process for children and staff, which will assist with contact tracing if the need ever arises
  • Flexible hours – this is why we want to know when you need to drop off and pick up as part of your application. We know your work life might have changed temporarily or permanently and we want to provide you with the childcare you need.

The good news is, children are so adaptable and we know we can provide them with the care they need while being as safe and preventative as possible. We really are all in this together.